In The Name Of Education 1/1
by Tuuli and Abbi


Dom's apartment is a mess. Clothes and cds are everywhere, and Billy settles down on the floor, complaining loudly about the complete lack of hospitality.

“Shut up,” Dom says cheerfully. He walks straight into the kitchen. “You hungry?”

“Nah,” Billy says. Then he adds quickly, “…but I wouldn't mind a beer!”

He can hear Dom chuckle in the kitchen. “Knew you'd say that,” Dom teases. The fridge door opens and closes,, two cracks of lids from bottles, and then Dom comes back with two blessedly cool beers. Billy takes one from him and sips it. He starts feeling better instantly, and he's certainly not complaining anymore, not when Dom settles down next to him, and, swiftly, no asking, no pretence, runs a hand under the waistband of his jeans.

“Good flight, was it?" Dom purrs.

Billy tries to look as uninterested as possible.

"Not really," he says. "Kind of tiring."

Dom retracts his hand, deciding that Billy might need a little more encouragement before he'll concede to be fucked senseless. But that's okay, that works. He replaces the feel of Billy's warm skin with the by now familiar paperiness of a cigarette, and, ignoring Billy's *look*, lights up, and attempts smoke rings.

"Elijah's much better at that," Billy says, smirking, and Dom really can't follow his train of thought here. But then Billy takes the cigarette from him and shows him exactly how smoke rings are done.

First thing that comes to Dom's mind is that if Billy's smoking, that means they'll be having sex in no time.

The second is that Elijah must've taught Billy how to do this.

He pictures the scene, and is mildly disturbed to find himself extremely turned on by the image. He picks another cigarette from the pack and it takes him several attempts to actually light it. Billy goes to offer the first cigarette back to Dom, but that's met with a growl of "Nah-uh...don't you dare stop smoking that.”

Billy responds by blowing a smoke ring, and for a second, Dom thinks he's completely lost it, because he could swear that was in the shape of a heart. Spending so much time with wizards has, he thinks, clearly turned his mind. And, as Billy's hand suddenly, unexpectedly, skims over his half-hard cock, Dom practically jumps out of his skin.

Billy chuckles, amusement twinkling in his green eyes. He lets his fingers slide to the button of Dom's jeans and opens it with far too much ease.

"You're eager today," Billy says, unnecessarily, as that's as obvious as it gets. He blows another smoke ring and moves to put the cigarette out, but Dom stops him.

"No. Show me how that's done," he says. Mischievous grin spreads on his lips as he purrs seductively, "Teach me."

"Okay," Billy says, a hint of regret in his voice, but definite amusement sneaking into his eyes. "You know when you give me a blow job? And you do that thing to stop the gag reflex? As you let the smoke out, flex this..."

Billy lets three perfect rings drift up, and Dom watches the muscles of his throat contract in awe.

"Try that," Billy says throatily, and gives Dom a lopsided grin. Obediently, Dom takes a drag, and gives it a try. He's not nearly as good as Billy, but he's thrilled to see he can do this at least somehow.

"So did Lij teach you this?" he asks lowly. "Did he use the exact same words? Did he talk to you about you sucking him off...?"

"No...he made me demonstrate that first...then told me to try it with the cigarette..."

"Hmm," Dom says thoughtfully. He attempts another smoke ring, and when it doesn't come out the way he wants it to, he frowns a bit. "I think I need more practice," he says simply, steadily, and doesn't even look at Billy, but it's suggestive all the same.

Billy exhales his interest, smoke curling up with his smile. Dom leans over, and, without touching Billy anywhere else, runs his tongue over the rough denim of the crotch of Billy's jeans.

Billy is already hard underneath Dom's tongue. He lets out a delighted groan as Dom nuzzles his crotch briefly. Dom hands Billy his cigarette so that he can use both his hands to rid Billy of his jeans.

He fumbles over the buttons, and Billy's impatience only makes him harder. Dom reflects that it's lucky the flight didn't take too much out of Billy, and that it's a fine thing that within half an hour of meeting up, they can be doing this. Finally, he gets the jeans undone, and scrabbles past a pair of pretty useless boxers that are doing nothing whatsoever to contain Billy's erection.

Dom runs his tongue over the length once, twice, feels Billy shudder beneath him, and slowly begins to take it into his mouth. When Billy feels himself reach the back of Dom's throat, he mutters, "There. Stop. Do that again...ah...there...that's your motion...oh fuck..."

Trying to keep the corners of his mouth from curling into a grin, Dom repeats the motion a few times, until he starts to really get the hang of it. Then he repeats it a few more times, just for the sheer pleasure of hearing Billy's voice blur into a stream of Scottish vowels and syllables that sound distantly like curses. This is how he likes his Billy best. With his pants down, incoherent.

It doesn't take long, not with Dom contracting his throat incessantly over Billy's cock, which has been aching for this in all the short time they've been apart. As Billy comes, he mindlessly crushes the end of the lit cigarette in his hand, and the pain there and his simultaneous release into Dom's keen mouth meet somewhere in his chest; he yells with the burst of heat that pulses out of the unexpectedly sharp connection.

Dom swallows, concentrating on how the muscles in his throat work. He is practicing, after all, and he needs to know how his throat works if he ever wants to blow smoke rings successfully.

All in the name of education, right?

But, blowing smoke rings is never going to taste quite as good as this... Slowly, reluctantly, he swipes the last drops of cum from Billy, and pulls back, shifting upwards to rest his head on Billy's chest, noting, with some pride, the racing heartbeat he's inspired.

"Mmmhh," Billy comments, eyes closed. "That was nice..."

Dom looks quickly up, feigning hurt. "*Nice*? You call that *nice*?"

Billy smiles at him and ruffles his hair playfully. "It was awesome," he says. "Now try the smoke rings.”

Dom stretches out for the pack, and searches for the lighter, which he eventually finds Billy is lying on. He tries, inhales, holds the smoke, feels for the muscle...and chokes, quite spectacularly. Billy laughs mercilessly as he splutters everywhere. "Now that, my friend, is not sexy."

"Ah, fuck off!" Dom coughs. "I can...see..."

"No, you really can't...but never mind, you yourself look sexy as fuck anyway. Even when you’re hacking."

Dom puffs up with pride, and accidentally exhales an Irish waterfall of smoke. This surprises him, restarts the coughing for a moment, but he quickly recovers from this, saying with an air of superiority, "But I bet you can't do that..."

"Wouldn't want to, mate. It's really not so appealing now, is it?"

Dom rolls his eyes lazily and takes a drag of the cigarette, attempting another smoke ring. It doesn't come out any better. He can hear Billy giggling, and gives him a half-hearted glare. When he sees Billy's eyes flicker longingly to the cigarette he's holding, he offers it to him. Billy takes it from between his fingers and brings it to his own lips, letting out a groan of sweet satisfaction as he first inhales and then lets the smoke out of his lungs.

Dom shifts slightly, trying to ignore how uncomfortably tight his jeans are.

Billy's unoccupied hand obligingly shifts over and skims across Dom's hip, pushing his t-shirt up, and Dom practically rips it off, obligingly. Billy cocks an eyebrow at him, amused. "Eager are we?"

“When it comes to you, I'm always eager,” Dom says, and his mouth curls into a wicked grin.

But then Billy's hand slides lower, rubbing at the bulge in his jeans, and the grin on Dom's face falls away as his mouth forms a little 'o' and his eyes fall half-shut.

Billy chuckles, and it's a dark sound, full of dirty promises.

Promises which, Billy thinks, will be kept. Eventually. When he's ready. Just as Dom's definitively hard, he lets his hand trail away, moving upwards, tracing the indentations between Dom's ribs, feathersoft, but still insistent. This movement, however, doesn't excite Dom as much as it does when coupled with Billy’s graceful, deliberate, seeping smoking. The concentration on Billy's face is intense, and Dom lies there, trying to decide whether he can cope with this kind of treatment, or whether he should just grab Billy's wrist and force him back to get him off properly before he comes, still in his trousers.

Billy makes the decision for him, moving suddenly to straddle his thighs. Holding the cigarette in one hand, he leans in, as close as he can, and starts slowly kissing Dom's neck. Dom's arms fly around his waist, hold him close, and he whispers into his ear, "Should I stop? Should I stop and make you wait and tease you until you're ready to scream in frustration?"

Dom has no idea where that came from or how he should answer, so he whimpers and opens his mouth to say something incoherent when Billy continues, "You always like it when Lij does that to you."

“Yeah, but when Elijah does it, it’s usually after two hours of my encouraging him…he doesn’t just…just…”

“…jump you and cover you in smoke rings? Yeah. Like I said, it was a very long flight. And I spent the whole fucking time thinking of what I would do when I got here.”

“Which was?”

“If you shut the fuck up, you’ll find out.”

And there’s no arguing with that tone of voice. Dom does as he’s told, but it doesn’t escape Billy’s attention that he’s quivering, ever so slightly, under him.

He quivers a whole lot more when the fingers of Billy’s left hand trip down his side, and press teasingly between the last of his ribs and his hipbone.

When Billy, still dragging on the cigarette, still sat right across him, pressing against his erection maddeningly, presses harder, twistingtickling him, Dom squirms frantically, and yells an entertaining; “Nyah! F’koff! Argh!”

But for all his wriggling, he can’t get away, and as Billy flicks the cigarette aside and pins one of Dom’s arms down with his elbow, jabbing both sides of him, he’s incapable of anything except incompetent yelps and writhings.

“Fuck, this is great!” Billy laughs, moving with Dom as he jerks about, “I could watch you squirm all night…”

“You, you, fucking prick you!” Dom yells, letting out one hilarious squeak after another, and Billy just laughs harder. “Let me go, you...”

While all the laughing and squealing and the adrenaline in his blood has more or less killed his arousal, Billy is definitely enjoying having Dom squirm under him, rubbing against him. Noticing this, Dom forces his body to behave, to stop, to calm down. He gives Billy a hard glare. Billy just looks at him with innocent eyes, rocking slightly against him, then moves his fingers a little, tickles Dom some more. Dom's body jerks involuntarily, and he just glares at Billy again.

“I hate you,” Dom mumbles pathetically, pouting.

Billy lifts his hands away, and rocks, deliberately, right over Dom’s cock. Dom’s arms fall to the floor, and his eyes roll back as the motion gets him right back to where he was.

“No, you really don’t,” Billy answers him, eyes twinkling playfully.

Dom agrees, faintly, unable to contemplate the matter too deeply under the persistent rhythm of Billy’s hips.

“You could at least…ah fuck…take those off…buttons…digging in…oh, don’t stop…”

“You want me to take your jeans off without stopping? I love how contradictory you are, Dominic.”

“Ahhh...” is all Dom has to say in response. He feels like he's 14, has no stamina, comes as soon as anyone touches him, but frankly, he doesn't care. He was close before and he's starting to be even closer, and yeah, it would be nice just to come like this, easily...

But then Billy's motions come to a slow stop and he scrambles off Dom. When Dom starts to protest, he finds that Billy is taking his jeans off, and well, he's not really complaining.

“You didn't think I'd let you off that easily?” Billy says with an amused smile, as he pulls Dom's jeans off.

“See you didn’t bother with boxers then…” Billy muses. “Wanted to give me easy access, is it?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, this was just more comfortable…” Dom tries to reply, convincingly, but as Billy strokes fingertips over him, coaxing him harder, yet refusing to give any kind of friction at all, he trails off into a further cross between cursing and commending. Still laughing to himself, Billy flicks his tongue along the reddened skin of Dom’s sides, now hyper-sensitive after the tickling, and has to hold Dom down as he tries simultaneously to push into his hand and away from his tongue.

“So if you don't want me to tease you,” Billy says lightly, “what *do* you want me to do? Hmm?”

Dom groans, “For fuck's sake, Billy, *something*...”

“Like this?” Billy's hand grabs Dom's cock lightly, stroking up and down.

“That'll do,” Dom manages. “Harder...”

“No…don’t think so…” Billy doesn’t change his pressure there, but he does lie down, over Dom’s arm, propped so that he can reach to lick up, along Dom’s side, back, curling momentarily over one of his nipples, eyes flicking up to catch Dom’s open-mouthed reaction.

Dom concludes that he should never have started this, no, never encouraged such terrible teasing, but it’s rare that Billy will take the initiative, and that provides friction in itself, as he switches to concentrate on this fact, looking for the intent in Billy’s eyes, and pushing himself to enjoy the slow, torturous buildup, trying hard to curb his need to squeal and squeak and beg inappropriately to be fucked properly.

But then, something in Billy's expression changes, his focus shifting away from Dom. A small frown appears on his face. “Did you...hear that?” he asks.

“Hear what?” Dom moans, exasperated, and tries to encourage Billy to concentrate on him again by arching his back.

“That...thud.” Billy bites his lip, and fucking. Pulls. Away. His hand stops its maddening strokes and really, Dom is ready to scream.

“I didn't hear a thing! Billy, Billy, please...” he grabs Billy's shoulder, tries to pull him back.

“But...” Billy says, obviously uncertain. “Maybe there's a burglar here or...something...”

“I don't fucking care!” Dom shrieks. “I don't care if UFOs have just landed through the fucking roof! I don't fucking care, you will fucking finish me off right fucking now!”

The worried expression on Billy's face turns highly amused, and he looks back to Dom. With a grin on his face, he starts stroking Dom again, even more slowly than before.

“I swear to god, if you don’t make me come in the next two minutes, I’m going to kick you out of the door and do it myself…oh fuck you, fuck you Billy, this is fucking lethal!”

Billy doesn’t even deign to reply, just keeps on with his painfully even, sly motions, relishing Dom’s frustrations gleefully.

“So you'd take care of yourself, eh?” he says softly, amusement lurking in the depths of his green eyes. “What would you think about? Me, whispering dirty things in your ear? Or maybe Lij and that sinfully good mouth of his? Oh, but...I do know one of your favourite fantasies, don't I, Dommie?”

And that nickname is just fucking embarrassing and oh, *fuck*, that feels...that's good, and wait, wait, Billy knows one of Dom's fantasies? What's that about?

“What?” Dom stutters, amidst his heavy breathing.

“Where…it’s raining. It’s dark. You, you kinky, shameless fuck, are pinning Elijah up against a wall…

Billy notices the sheer excitement flash across Dom’s eyes, and sharpens up his accent, raking out his vowels as carefully as possible, and letting his description give Dom the kind of satisfaction he was after.

“He's wearing those jeans that make his arse look so good you'd want to bite it. And you tell him,” Billy breathes, hot and urgent, “you tell him you'll *make him come like he never has before*...”

Dom moans, head trashing from side to side.

“...and after that, you tell him you'll fuck him *so hard he'll see stars for a week*...” And Billy's not sure he's got it all exactly right, but it's good enough, it's close enough, because Dom is totally out of control of his own body. He whimpers and moans and his body convulses and he even whispers, faintly, “Elijah...”

“Yeah…Elijah.” Billy almost spits the name out, and it resonates round Dom’s head. “And you’re on fucking fire, Dom, you’re hard, and solid, you never looked so good in your life as the rain breaks down on you, as he slides under your grip. And he’s completely yours, completely taken by you, he’d do anything for you, he’s fucking whatever you want to be.”

This, Dom reflects, is like someone reading your porn to you as you wank. So very, very wrong, like someone jumping on your private thoughts and desires, and so very, very hot. Because Billy loves this, he’s actually turning himself on with Dom’s own thoughts, and this is so fucking hot…so…fucking…shameful…

Dom’s hands reach round, trying to even things out, trying to tear at least some of Billy’s clothing off, trying not to be so fucking naked, so completely aroused under this invasion of his fantasies, but at the same time, wanted to show himself off, wanting to live up to this fantastical Dominic, wanting to arch and tense and seduce like he does, wanting to draw Billy into him, to look as fucking sexy as the Elijah of his dreams thinks he does.

Suddenly, Billy's grip on his cock tightens almost painfully, and really, Dom has no other choice but to fall back with a deep groan and let his arms flop uselessly down to his sides.

“And when you start fucking him, he's tight and hot inside, and...Dom, are you listening?” Billy continues. Enunciating carefully, he whispers, “He begs for it.”

Dom lets out a very shaky breath at it, and Billy thinks he can hear Dom whisper, “Jesus,” as he does so.

“He says...Dom, please, do it harder...fuck me harder...Dom, please...”

Dom groans, whimpers, his eyes rolling back into his head, and he can see it all so clearly, can almost *hear* Elijah's voice in his ears, begging him to...

“...take me, Dom...harder, I'm yours, take me...”

And Billy sounds so urgent, so keen, it’s like Elijah and Billy are both saying this to him, like in some twisted fucking complex fucking insane way he’s fucking them both there, Elijah’s want, hunger, tightness, Billy’s huskiness, strength, need, and no, no, focus, listen to what Billy’s saying, don’t miss a word…this is too good…

“…he presses himself against you, rain running between you, bucking back onto you, you’re fucking harder than you’ve ever been, out here in the open, covering him, claiming him, on the fucking edge now, he’s all yours, whispering your name, swearing at your stamina, wanting to come now, now, come on you, whilst you’re inside him…

There’s no way Billy should be able to work every fucking word of Dom’s fantasy to his advantage. No way he should know quite so exactly what will get Dom off. No way his words should combine perfectly with his relentless grasp over Dom’s cock, should tug and pull at every fibre of him and remove him so completely from being jerked off on this knackered carpet in a filthy flat to the complete epitome of his own perfect fuck.

“...and there are *people* there, not far away, *anyone* might walk in on you, see you fucking Elijah Wood against a wall, and hear him begging for you to do it harder...”

Dom's breath catches in his throat and he really, *really* has trouble breathing right now, and he can feel it in the pit of his stomach, the slow burn of something so wonderful, so powerful, that he's not sure if he can take it. It spreads through his stomach, creeps up his spine, ties his insides into a knot and stops all coherent thought. Billy's voice, so low and gravelly and impossibly calm, floats through his consciousness, whispering sweet words of Elijah and rain, and all that intensifies the heat that is washing over him, wave after wave, and he's helpless against it all.

He lets it flood his brain, allows himself to disappear into the fantasy, feel the rain on his back, feels himself hot inside Elijah, melds Billy’s growlings into Elijah’s moans, falls apart there, naked and taken in his own living room.

Billy licks the cum from his hand, kisses the taste of it into Dom’s mouth whilst Dom is so lost that he can’t place what’s happening, he runs his hand over the breaking sweat across Dom’s chest, teases out aftershocks with his tongue and fingertips, waits for the quivering to subside.

But Dom’s laid back all out, flashes of alleys and heat and sex keeping him from the here and now, and Billy, seeing that this kink is clearly one that gets Dom off in style and thus requires a more considerable recovering time than most, reaches out, steals a cigarette, inhales the thick smoke and blows the most perfect of smoke rings to mark his achievement.

“Good?” Billy asks, unnecessarily, when Dom opens his eyes and blinks at the ceiling.

He receives a mumbling groan in response. He know better than to be jealous when Dom sighs, almost inaudibly, “Elijah...”

Billy is quite uncomfortably hard, but he's willing to ignore that for now. He blows another pretty smoke ring and suddenly it comes to him that he never did post that fic. He's probably still got it somewhere – he should go through it again and post it on the Internet. He already knows what kind of alias he'll want.

As soon as Dom shows some signs of coming back to life, Billy says, lightly, “That was pretty hot, there, wasn't it? I wouldn't mind another blowjob.”

“Yeah?” Dom’s voice moves to low, sexy, and alive. “I could maybe manage that…but not here.”

“What? Where? Fuck off, I like it in here…carpet burn gets me off…”

“I hope you’re joking…oh, forget it…” Dom slides his forearm lazily down Billy’s body, before using it as a prop to pull himself clumsily to his feet.

Swaying slightly, he extends a hand to Billy.

“C’mere,” he growls, “…come into my room and I’ll show you something I can give you that’ll really get you off. You’ll fucking scream like I wanted to when you’re done in there.”

Billy looks at him for a long moment, and then his eyes narrow suspiciously. “In the want me to come with you to the bedroom?”

In response to this, Dom flashes him an innocent grin that turns less innocent when he whispers huskily, “I've got a nice, big, soft bed there...”

Billy, still looking suspicious, takes Dom's hand and lets him help him up. He's surprised at how steady Dom is on his feet, and lets him pull him to the bedroom door.

"It's it?" Billy asks, in a quick panic.

"What?" Dom's a little taken aback. "That's what you think? Oh you wait, you fucking wait, this is even better..."

"Better than manacles?" Billy asks, mockingly, at this. "What the fuck could be better than that?"

"Just get in there, get the fuck in and see for yourself..." And with that, Dom pushes him through the door. He's most gratified by Billy's uncharacteristically high-pitched reaction to the sight before him.

Elijah's sitting there, on the bed, propped up against the headboard. Naked. And, he's got his hand lazily curled around his erect cock, but he isn't stroking himself, just sitting there and watching them and...looking gorgeous.

“Hey guys,” he breathes, and his hand slide slowly up his cock. Billy's eyes are drawn to the movement. Conversationally, Elijah continues, “Did you know that these walls are actually pretty fucking thin?”

And it takes Billy a moment to figure out what he means. ...oh. Right. That would mean Elijah's heard every moan, every whimper...every word?

“What…the fucking fuck are you doing here? You…oh shite, you fucking…”

“Oh yeah. Especially all your talking. And your fucking sick thoughts, Dom! What was that about?”

It’s Dom’s turn to feel humiliated again, knowing that things have backfired, that he’s been exposed like that. It hadn’t occurred to him at the time, but then, if it had, maybe he wouldn’t have come in such fucking style, and Elijah’s bemusement, well, that could be countered. Billy, he felt sure, could make him forget all about his sordid fantasies. If, that was he ever got over the shock of the situation.

Suddenly Billy almost runs to the bed and jumps on it, scrambles over to where Elijah's half-sitting, half-lying, and kisses falling all over his face and neck. Elijah giggles, so *Elijah*, and Billy murmurs, between kisses, “Hmm, good to see you, I've missed you, didn’t fucking expect to see you here...not like this, anyways…”

Dom laughs from the doorway and walks idly to the bed, sitting down. He strokes Elijah's leg. “I thought you were asleep,” he says, grinning. “Otherwise I would've brought Billy straight here...”

“I *was* sleeping,” Elijah protests. “What can I say, you wore me out...but then you got here and started fucking in the living room and fuck, you think I can sleep through *anything*?”

“Oh, poor baby, did we wake you up?” Billy says lightly. Then his eyes darken and his voice gets lower as he whispers, “We'll make that up to you.”

“Yeah,” Dom interrupts, “and when we're even, maybe you can teach me how to *really* blow smoke rings.”

And the rest of the day is looking very good for Elijah indeed, as two pairs of hands start avidly making it up to him.

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