The One With The Cucumber 2/2
by Tuuli and Abbi


“I think we should play a game…”

Billy’s eyebrows say, yes, games are good, which?

Dom's dramatic pause is intensified by the meaningful look he gives Billy. In a low voice, Dom says, “It’s called, how many times can Elijah come in one day?”

It’s not that funny, but Billy cracks up anyway, and looks at his watch, noting, “Well, it’s only half-ten, but I’d say we’ve got a good chance of finding that out, my friend.”

With identical smirks on their faces, they turn to look at Elijah, who is still lying star-shaped on the floor, shuddering with the most delicious of aftershocks.

“Okay,” Dom says with an evil grin, glancing at Elijah. “He's already come once,” he states unnecessarily and licks Billy's ear. “Think we should give him time to recover?”

Billy squirms, turns his head so that Dom can't reach his ear.

“Yeah, I think that might be good,” he laughs. “You killed him.”

“Hey, he killed me last night,” Dom points out and gets rather awkwardly on his feet, pulling Billy up, too. “Now let's get some...inspiration while the little one recovers, eh?”

He falls awkwardly into the computer chair and begins to scroll back through the list of fanfic summaries they were at before. Billy’s looking worriedly at Elijah, whose expression seems to imply some kind of impending crisis. “I think he wants something…” Billy concludes.

“Give him his fags,” Dom suggests, not looking away from the screen.

“Ah, course,” Billy fetches the pack, lights one off the cooker and puts it gently between Elijah’s lips, where it’s gratefully received and sucked upon, then takes one for himself and lights that. Dom looks round.

“Thought you only smoked after sex?” he says, as Billy falls into the chair next to him.

“Well, he came didn’t he?”

“Has Elijah got enough cigarettes for you to do that all day?”

“You’re ambitious…” Billy says, one eyebrow raised in amusement.

Dom gives him a wide grin. “Fuck yeah – have you seen some of these? Man, there’s enough to keep all three of us coming for a week!”

Billy just smiles, and his smile widens as Elijah makes a vague sound, sitting up carefully, and slowly crawling over to them. He comes to Billy, on his hands and knees, looking for all the world like a cat wanting to be fondled, and Billy sinks his hand into his dark hair.

“Hello, Doodle,” he says gently, running his hand through Elijah's hair. “How you doing?”

Cigarette in hand, Elijah rubs his nose against Billy's bare thigh and makes an unintelligent sound that Billy interprets as a “fine.” Billy can see Elijah's also caressing Dom's skin now, fingers moving up his side and down his arm, as a thank you. Dom catches the wandering hand in his own and, without taking his eyes off the screen in front of him, intertwines their fingers.

“Recovered, have we?” Dom asks, squeezing Elijah’s hand, tightly.

Elijah manages an “I think so…” as he exhales.

“That’s good. That’s lucky, because us two are nowhere near finished with you yet. Remember, you definitely owe me, so don’t be getting all weak and helpless at me now.”

His voice is flat, and Elijah panics slightly at the tone, wondering if he’s pissed them off somehow, but when he looks up, he notices that Dom’s face is twisting itself into a grin, and Dom’s attempts to stifle it become less and less effective the more he scrolls down the text on the screen. It’s too far away for Elijah to read what it says, but when Dom says, “Right then…” and turns back to him, eyes shining with either excitement or evil, it’s hard to call, Elijah realises that it may just be more fun to wait and find out.

Dom pulls him up, apparently seeing the slight hesitation in Elijah's eyes. Before Elijah has any chance to protest, Dom kisses him deeply, exploring his mouth with a wickedly talented tongue. He closes his eyes, but Dom keeps his open, giving Billy a meaningful look and gesturing with a hand for him to come closer. Hesitantly, Billy gets up from his chair and takes the small step required to be close enough to Elijah to touch him. Putting out his cigarette, he wraps an arm around Elijah's chest, feeling his slightly high heartbeat beneath his fingertips. Mouthing kisses against the nape of Elijah's neck, Billy looks at Dom questioningly, yes, this is good, what next?

Dom breaks the kiss and whirls the slightly unstable Elijah around, turning him face to face with Billy. Billy smiles at Elijah gently before kissing him, as Dom takes the cigarette from between Elijah's fingers and puts it out. One of his hands trails down the skin between Elijah's shoulderblades and finds Billy's hand. Grabbing it, Dom gives it a small tug, smiling at Billy, who opens his eyes. Dom pulls the two of them to the living room couch. Elijah has to walk backwards, but it doesn't seem hard; he's a puddle in their hands, anyway, having lost himself in Billy's mouth.

The two collapse full onto the settee, as Dom positions himself carefully, kneeling on the floor so he can appreciate the both of them. Billy’s lying on top of Elijah now, kissing him gracefully as Elijah melts into the fabric covering. Dom runs hands across both smooth, slight figures, fixating on the points that interest him most, noting the way that they both instinctively move together, hips rising and falling simultaneously. Dom licks his lips, but neither of them are looking to see.

“You'll be able to make him come just like that, you know,” he observes to Billy, though he’s clearly not listening.

Elijah's eyes shoot open though, and he looks quickly at Dom, but the sharp look in his eyes turns misty on the next grind of Billy's hips against his.

Ah, so young. So easy to please.

Elijah bucks up and Billy chuckles against his neck. “Do I want to do that?” Billy asks Dom, body working rhythmically.

“This is supposed to be a game, right? So play all you will…”

But he slips a cruel hand between them; it’s cold against Elijah’s hot, hard cock, and as Dom adds to the friction, moving in the opposite way to Billy’s persistent glides, Elijah wonders, as well as he can within the multitude of sensations, if it’s possible to…oh fuck…hold out against such encouraging warmth…

Trying not to think about how easily Billy and Dom have, once again, wound him up, Elijah curls his arms around Billy, reaching down to cup his arse in one hand. Obviously pleased with Elijah's enthusiasm, Billy starts kissing him again, the movements of his hips shorter, sharper.

Warm sensations, starting in his crotch, run through Billy and he wonders fleetingly how Dom will react if he comes now, as well. His train of thought is interrupted by a hand on his own cock, adding to the myriad of feelings, and with Elijah's arms still curled around him, that means Dom’s obviously encouraging him.

Dom’s persistent hands are allowing no turning back now, and Billy tears himself from Elijah’s trembling lips to stutter, “I thought it was…him…fuck…we were trying to…oh stop it you bastard…” But Dom just strokes him harder, grinning cheekily by way of response. He lets go of Elijah and concentrates on Billy, thinking that if Billy comes over Elijah’s body, there’s no way Elijah can resist.

Once…twice…once more…and yep, that’s got it. Billy drops against Elijah and swears gently into his ear, breathing hard and desperate, as Dom congratulates himself on his skills, and debates what he should do with the stickiness coating his fingers. Against all odds, Elijah is still hard, and Dom decides to use Billy's cum as lubricant, bringing Elijah to orgasm with just two strokes, replacing Billy’s cum with his own. As the two men are still coming down, Dom wipes his sticky hand across them, and neither even notices. He sits back on his heels and waits with a suggestive smile crossing his face.

Billy, still slightly short on breath, turns to look at him, frowning slightly. Seeing Dom beam at him, he can’t resist letting a matching grin curl his lips. Elijah's fingers wander lazily up his back and he turns to look at him.

“Mm,” Elijah says unintelligently, reaching up to kiss Billy, moving idly against him.

Dom watches as they pull, slightly annoyed. He reaches out and slaps Billy's arse – only a little, but hard enough to get Billy to leave Elijah for a second in order to glare at him.

“What about me?” Dom asks, and the words sound ridiculously childish in his mouth.

“Fuck you,” Billy growls. He doesn’t mean it, but Dom’s not to know that yet. Billy establishes his hold on Elijah, spreading his weight over the limbs under him, and gently, lingeringly, licks over Elijah’s collarbone, up his neck, keeping half a subtle eye on Dom’s mounting resentment. Elijah’s barely finished coming once, and Billy wonders if it’s even possible to push a second time so quickly. He enjoys the salt-sweet taste of Elijah’s hot skin, hands kneading the flesh they catch at his arms. Dom just watches, unsure of what to do.

Elijah looks at him with unfocused eyes, the glint in them showing how he's clearly enjoying being the centre of Billy's attention, and extends his hand towards Dom. “C'mere,” he mumbles. When Dom just stares stupidly, Elijah's insistent fingers curl around his wrist and tug. “I said, come here.”

Obediently, Dom follows the tug, and ends up with his hands clinging to the edge of the couch as Elijah kisses him thoroughly. Billy's licking Elijah's shoulder now, and as soon as Elijah pauses for breath, Billy moves away and kisses Dom instead, Billy sharing with him the salty taste of Elijah's sweat.

“Finish him off,” Elijah says, abruptly.

Letting go of Dom, Billy turns to stare at him, uncomprehending.

“Finish him off!” Elijah repeats, and smacks Billy's side with one insistent hand.

Dom and Billy look at each other, both thinking the same thing – since when has Elijah been in charge of this?

They’re not going to argue, and they’re not given the chance as Elijah, remarkably persistent, shoves Billy off him, off the sofa, and he lands confusedly on the floor in a heap. Dom rolls him over, kisses him lightly and says, “Now be a good boy, do as you’re told…”

Elijah watches intently as Billy, shaking his head slightly at the fact that everyone seems to be ordering him about, whilst simultaneously worrying that he quite likes that, trails his fingertips along the inside of Dom’s thigh, softly, softly, and, bowing his head down, licks across Dom’s nipples, one, then the other, so gentle it’s maddening.

“You fucker…” Dom moans. “Stop teasing…”

Billy thinks he better not do anything that might piss Elijah off, so he curls his fingers around Dom's achingly hard cock and goes at it determinedly. Dom moans again, and this time, it doesn't sound like whining at all.

Elijah's rolled over onto his side. Supporting his head on one hand, he watches in fascination as Billy's hand moves faster and faster and Dom's mouth opens on a gasp, a deep frown of pleasure settling on his face. Dom’s eyes are closed, his hands gripping Billy's shoulders more tightly than is actually necessary, and Elijah fucking loves the view, as the scene gets more and more active.

Dom whispers Billy's name under his breath, then moans Elijah's when he comes, his cock pulsing, covering Billy's hand and wrist with sticky cum. Billy blinks, and when he thinks no one's looking, he licks at the pearly liquid, looking up only to find Elijah staring at him, eyes wide.

“Sorry,” Billy says, genially. “You want some?”

He proffers his hand to Elijah’s mouth, and Elijah gingerly tastes it, spluttering slightly as he does so.

“Ah,” Billy remarks, “you’ll get used to it…”

And he proceeds to remove the rest from his hand with his tongue, then cleans up the cum left on Dom’s cock, encouraging a strangled “…ack” to escape the still shuddering Dom.

Billy licks his lips, and nods appreciatively. “Well that’s breakfast for me done then – and not before time.”

Dom makes another peculiar noise and reaches up around Billy, pulling him on top, wrapping his arms around him and whispering as best he can in his afterglow, “Exactly when did you get so fucking sexy, anyway?”

Elijah’s still staring at them, running his tongue over his teeth, looking for any remainder of the taste he can find. He finally settles on grabbing Billy's round the neck and pulling him pleasurably. Dom makes an appreciative noise and lifts his hand to stroke Elijah wherever he can reach.

Elijah catches Dom's fingers into his hand. Settling down on the couch, he lets go of Billy and closes his eyes.

“Now *this* has been a good morning,” he mumbles.

Dom and Billy pick up on the sleepy tone of his voice and exchange looks. By the time Billy has got on his knees to allow Dom to get up as well, Elijah is asleep, clinging to Dom's hand as he dreams. Billy chuckles softly.

“He's adorable,” he remarks quietly, and kisses Elijah's temple. “Let's go find me a cigarette.”

Dom raises his eyebrows. “You're on your way to becoming addicted, you know,” he says, and kisses Elijah softly. After a brief struggle to get Elijah to let go of Dom's hand, Dom and Billy make their way back to the computer.

The computer, just like Elijah, has gone to sleep. Dom panics for a moment at the blankness and hits random keys, looking like he’s achieved something fantastic when the pages reappear on the screen. Billy laughs at him through the cigarette he’s snitched from the pack lying where Elijah left it earlier.

“It’s not midday yet,” he muses, “and Elijah’s come twice…and you and I once each…”

“It’s not the football scores, Billy!” Dom snickers.

“…but it’s just about as important…”

“…that it could be. Okay. Carry on.”

“No, that was mostly it…except to say, what are we going to do with him now?”

Dom flicks through the pages, gathering speed with confidence, looking for something to catch his eye in the section relating to the three of them.

After a pause, Billy continues, exhaling a thick stream of smoke and stretching his back as he speaks; “Try and find something on a bed, or at least somewhere comfortable this time…have you any idea how difficult fucking on a settee is?”

Dom giggles, then kicks himself for giggling, and rests on a particular fic. His eyes light up as he reads. Seeing this, Billy tries to take a peek himself, but Dom turns to him and gets up, pulling him with him.

“Let's get Lij to bed. He needs his rest,” Dom says, eyes twinkling, and walks over to where Elijah is sleeping. When Elijah refuses to wake up and walk into the bedroom, Dom unceremoniously picks him up and carries him, Billy following, just in case he misses something.

Dom drops Elijah onto the unmade bed and carelessly drapes a sheet over him. Elijah emits a confused “ngh…” but doesn’t protest, and curls up in the sheet, without opening his eyes.

“It’s like having a pet…” Billy comments.

“…only a pet you can fuck…” Dom throws in carelessly.

“There’s always a lower place with you, Dominic, isn’t there?”

Dom grins, and says only, “Leave him be a bit, think he needs his kip, and come and look at this…you’ll get your bed sex alright…”

They scramble back into the living room and settle cosily in front of the computer. Dom lets Billy read the best bits of the fic he has just discovered, and it all results in a lot of laughing as they try to imagine the scenarios. As they move on to new fics of satisfyingly hot bed sex, Billy decides that beer would in fact serve a far better purpose than food, right now, and seeing as they have plenty of it and precious little food, he wastes no time in fetching in one of the crates.

They spend a good couple of hours staring at this fiction, laughing at the crazy bits of dialogue and imagining themselves in the seemingly bizarre positions described. They end up pulling each other every few minutes now, but neither of them seems to be complaining. Six beers down each now, and it’s definitely time to get back to the game…

“I have a feeling Lij might like this,” Billy says, gesturing slightly drunkenly towards the fic on the screen with his beer, one hand on Dom's knee.

“Ah,” Dom laughs. “He’ll only appreciate that once it’s finished. But I’ll enjoy every second – if you think you can cope with it…”

Right on cue, Elijah walks in, rubbing sleep from his eyes and looking deliciously naked. And, just like it says in the fic, Dom and Billy pick him up between them, still holding their drinks, bottles cold against Elijah’s warm skin, and carry him straight back to the bedroom, lying him out on the floor by the bed. Dom bolts the bedroom door, and stands in front of it.

“What…are we doing now?” Elijah asks, weakly.

“Wake the fuck up, you’ve had plenty of rest. Possibly too much, it’s getting late.”

“Late for what?” Elijah wonders sleepily.

“Nothing, nothing. But the point is, you’re not leaving this room, or having a beer or a cigarette or anything else until you’ve come.”

Elijah looks at them in bewilderment, his eyes asking, “Again?”

Dom nods. Elijah goes to get up, reaching for Billy’s arm, but Billy steps away and he falls back to the floor.

“Nah, not this time. You’re on your own here, we’re not going to touch you. Just provide some…visuals to help you out. Okay?”

Elijah knows he doesn’t have a choice, and with a worried expression on his face, he leans back against the wall, watching and waiting.

Dom pulls Billy onto the bed, and they kiss lengthily, letting the by now familiar feel of each other's mouths set the sexy atmosphere. Dom’s arms slide around Billy's chest and Billy keeps one hand on the small of Dom's back, wrapping his other arm around his neck. Elijah is watching, and it turns them on like neither of them thought possible. Billy turns Dom around and opens his eyes, looking over at Elijah while his lips are still pressed against Dom's. Letting his hand fall from Dom's back to his arse, he rides hard against Dom’s body, watching as Elijah swallows and bends his legs, spreading them out of the way, and his hands come to rest on his inner thighs. His gaze locked with Billy's, he watches their erotic play.

Dom makes an exasperated sound that is muffled by Billy's lips and cups Billy’s arse with his hands, using his grip to intensify the movement of their hips. Billy kisses his way down the side of Dom's neck, licking at his collarbone, mouth curled in a smirk as Dom moans and Elijah's eyes grow wider.

Billy pushes Dom back onto the bed, and, still pressing against him hard enough to feel Dom’s erection pushing into his flesh, licks his way down Dom’s tight body, pausing slightly over a nipple, and then moving to lick down the line of hair to his cock.

“Fuck…oh fuck…” is about as coherent as Dom gets, when Billy slips a warm tongue over the head of his cock, and then proceeds to slowly, slowly take it into his mouth.

Elijah echoes the swearing, as he watches Billy engulf more of Dom than he imagines possible, and finds himself extremely fucking hard at the sight.

Billy’s getting quite into this, tongue working madly, and the fact that Dom’s hands pull at his hair and shoulders with obvious pleasure gives him a sense of ridiculous pride. But Dom can’t come before Elijah does, although, squinting as best he can whilst sucking cock, he notices that Elijah’s gaze is completely fixed on him and Dom, and his hands are moving swiftly over himself. It won’t be long then…

Elijah shifts closer to the bed, hardly losing his momentum, and leans over to lick Dom’s hipbone.

“Argh, get…back…no touching…” Dom growls.

And the sternness of his voice pretty much does the trick for Elijah. He comes, with a cross between a squeal and a gasp, and as he does so, he stands up, almost involuntarily, resulting in a warm pool spreading over Dom’s stomach and side.

Seeing and feeling this, Dom lets out the sexiest sound Billy has ever heard, his cock pulses hard and Billy swallows the sudden mouthful. Elijah's knees give out and he slumps down on the floor, his insides liquid.

“Oh god...” Dom mumbles. Billy rests his head on Dom's thigh, a silly smirk on his lips, listening to Elijah's unintelligent grunts.

With great effort, Elijah gets up on his knees, leaning on the edge of the bed. “Ooh,” he says simply, and presses a kiss on Dom's hand, then pokes his side. “Alright. I came. That's proof enough. Now can I get a...a beer, or a cigarette, or maybe even some food?”

Not waiting for an answer, he gets up on shaky legs and turns to leave the room, refusing to turn around even when Dom's soft moans suggest Billy's licking Elijah's cum off his skin.

Elijah makes straight for his cigarettes, lights up and cracks a beer open almost simultaneously, before he’s noticed he’s even left the bedroom. His stomach muscles ache with convulsion.

Billy lies back next to Dom, and says, “So. That was lunch, what’s for dinner?”

The reply he gets is a quiet sigh of, “I don’t care, but watching Elijah do that was fucking hot.”

Billy pokes Dom in the side.

“Yeah yeah – and watching you was hot too…” he says, leaning in.

They kiss, yet again, for a few minutes. Dom ends up breaking apart, saying, “So, that was three. What next? Want me to take care of you first?”

Billy shakes his head. “Nah, it's okay. I’m not as…proficient as you two! And just where did Lij wander to? Very rude of him to leave us alone here...”

“Mm,” Dom agrees hazily, stroking Billy's cheek with his fingertips. When Billy seems to be expecting him to do something about it, he rolls his eyes and get slowly up from the bed. “Oh, fine. I'll go get him...”

He finds Elijah sitting in the kitchen, beer in one hand, cigarette in the other, hair sticking up oddly, still naked. He's a perfect image of someone who's just got laid – for the third time that day – but that's irrelevant. Dom takes hold of the hand holding the beer and takes the bottle away, setting it on the table. He tugs at Elijah's hand, and Elijah gets reluctantly up.

“What now?” he whines. “Can't I even finish my fucking beer?”

But Dom's already pulling him back into the bedroom.

“What are you two trying to do to me?” Elijah continues.

“Got a problem with this?”

Elijah doesn’t have an answer to that one.

“Then don’t complain. A fair few people would give a lot to be in your situation, today.”

“This isn’t ethics, Dominic!”

“No. It’s sex. Much better.” And with that, Dom pushes him back onto the bed.

“Hold up now you two…” and Dom skips off into the kitchen.

Elijah rolls over to where Billy catches him by the shoulder, and holds him there, locking Elijah’s eyes into his own, Billy looking oddly like he’s hit upon a great idea. Dom returns before Billy can disclose whatever it was, holding three shotglasses filled with a clear liquid. “Just to keep us going…” he announces, pressing a shot into Billy and Elijah’s hands. “Three two one…” and they all gulp it down at the same time, Elijah wincing. “I fucking hate it when you make me shoot vodka…” he eventually coughs.

“Ah be quiet,” Billy chastises mildly, “you’ll need that…” And the scheming look creeps back into his eyes. He nods at Dom. “Come here,” he says softly, and smiles.

Dom obeys, scrambling on the bed, and follows every command in Billy's eyes, capturing Elijah's lips in a deep kiss. Billy sits up, leans his back against the headboard, and pulls Elijah to him, settling Elijah's back to his chest. Dom follows the movement, unwilling to separate. All Dom has to do is press some of his weight against Elijah's slight frame, and they have Elijah snugly sandwiched between them. He seems to enjoy this position, his cock hardening as both Billy and Dom let their lips and tongues caress his skin.

Billy slides his arms subtly around Elijah, making it impossible for him to move much. Elijah, distracted by something Dom's doing with his tongue, just twitches faintly, not fully noticing. Dom shifts, straddling Elijah's thighs, and suddenly not only do they have Elijah between them, but they have him pinned in place. One of Billy's hands takes hold of Elijah's cock, stroking it experimentally. Elijah makes a strangled noise and tries very hard to squirm, only to find that he can't really move. Dom pushes his tongue deep into his surprised mouth as Billy's hand pumps him more firmly.

It occurs to Billy that this is an ideal position for either of them to fuck Elijah, but he thinks that Dom probably wants to save his revenge fuck for last. He contemplates doing it himself, but is completely distracted by Dom pushing Elijah’s head aside, without releasing him from between their bodies at all, and whispering to Billy, “If you want him to yourself, now’s your chance…”

“That’s just what I was thinking!” Billy replies, cheerfully.

“What’s…thinking…?” Elijah struggles.

“Never you mind,” Dom says, before resuming the kiss, as Billy squeezes Elijah’s cock harder, stroking him against Dom’s stomach. Elijah wails pathetically, and Dom reflects on how sweet that sound is, and exactly how much he’s going to enjoy fucking him as hard as he possibly can later on. He smiles against Elijah’s parted lips, which suddenly emit a shout, making Dom jump.

He looks up to see Billy biting Elijah's shoulder, eyes squeezed shut. A smirk settles on Dom's face as he takes in Billy's helpless expression and comes to the conclusion that Billy must have settled for enjoying the feel of Elijah squirming in his arms, probably rubbing rather deliciously against his back and arse.

Concentrating on Elijah again, Dom leans in for another kiss. His hands come up to Elijah's chest and he rubs Elijah’s nipples with his thumbs. Elijah lets out a high-pitched moan and squirms hard, hot pleasure creeping through his body.

Billy makes a choked sound behind Elijah, as something hot and thick abruptly covers Elijah’s lower back and…holy shit, did Billy just come? The thought makes wild shudders run through Elijah's body, and he gives in to the insistent movement of Billy's hand, letting the sensations overwhelm him as Billy presses against his back, and Elijah feels like they’re practically glued together. For the second time in not very long at all, he shoots his load on Dom.

Dom slides against Elijah for a moment or two, spreading the cum back onto his body. But he decides against pushing himself to come over Elijah just then, because that might deaden the impact of later. Instead, he settles for shifting back, and cleaning Elijah’s cock and hips up with his tongue. Billy groans at the sight, wondering if he can take much more of this. Not so much this time, Dom thinks, but then, that’s to be expected. He flips Elijah off Billy, and turns him over. Elijah’s muffled cry of “I’m not a doll you know…” disappears into a displaced pillow.

Stroking his back pacifically, Dom points to the remaining mess over Elijah’s arse. “Want that?” he asks Billy.

“Ah fuck off, that’s mine, that’s so wrong…”

“It’s all the same stuff…” But Dom eats it up anyway. “Actually, yours tastes different. More…Scottish.”

“Oh shut the fuck up, boy! ‘Scottish’ is not an answer for everything…” Billy exclaims.

“No, really…here…”

Dom tries to share some of the stuff left on his lips with Billy’s, but the swift retort of “Gerroff!” and a push away tells him that’s not quite going to work just now. Billy, with some effort, gets off the bed. “Going for the fags, are we?” Dom enquires.


“Oh good. Well, you can bring me and Lij one as well. I think I need it. Oh, and a drink.”

“Do I look like your slave?”

Dom nods enthusiastically, without a moment’s hesitation. Billy accepts this, laughing to himself, and muttering something about “…told you smoking after sex was good…” as he leaves the room.

Turning back to Elijah, Dom says, “C’mere, you tell me if you think this tastes Scottish…”

Elijah's too weak to resist the insistent pull of Dom's hands on him, and they end up having a rather hot make out session. It looks like they can't keep their hands off of each other until Billy walks back in and tells them loudly to “Stop it, for fuck's sake, I brought you things – show some gratitude!”

Elijah breaks sheepishly away from Dom and takes the cigarettes and lighter from Billy as Dom accepts his vodka, and kisses Billy in thanks. Elijah lights up and takes a drag only to have Dom nicking his cigarette. He lets out a faint yelp and tries to take it back.

Billy flops back down on the bed and closes his eyes, his body still nice and sated. “It's raining,” he says all of a sudden, voice warm and lazy.

Dom and Elijah stop fighting over the cigarette and pause to listen. True enough, they can both hear the soft sound of rain falling down. Billy's hand reaches up and he sneaks the cigarette back.

With a groan, Elijah gives up on the cigarette and lights another, gazing worriedly into the box. “Fuck! Last one…” he mumbles helplessly, exhaling smoke as he speaks. He snuggles closer to Dom's warm body.

Dom, who's still rather uncomfortably hard, is hyper aware of Elijah's body pressing against his side.

“I think there’s another pack in the kitchen…” Billy considers. Dom steals Elijah’s fag, and Elijah pouts angrily.

“You can have the ones in the kitchen,” Dom justifies.

“You guys kill me sometimes, you really do…” And for the sake of a cigarette, Elijah takes his turn to go out and find things.

“Raining, you say?” Dom asks quietly, eyes shining and the corner of his mouth twitching excitably as he inhales.

“That’s what I said. Very…hard.” Billy's mouth curls into a smirk.

“Mmmm. Did you ever have sex in the rain, Billy?”

“I have indeed,” Billy answers lazily, and sucks on his cigarette.

“Me too. Best fuck I ever had…” Dom trails off.

They both know that the other is wondering if Elijah’s ever done it in the rain.

“I bet he hasn’t…” Billy says eventually, his tone light and almost playful.

“He’s fucking going to tonight…pass me the bottle, I need vodka!” Dom announces, gulping it down neat, as he cheerfully plans his attack.

“Give that back, you won’t be able to fuck anything if you drink it all…”

Dom's not interested in the bottle anymore, and he gives it back willingly. His eyes dart to the door, as if he's waiting for Elijah to walk in any minute now as he thinks of the possibilities.

“He offered to let me, you know,” he breathes suddenly, looking distractedly away from Billy. “He practically asked me to.”

He seems infinitely fascinated by the thought. Suddenly, his head whips around and he stares at Billy. “And I want to,” he says firmly, as if challenging him.

Billy smiles. “And I’d like to see that…” he purrs, by way of return.

Dom grins crookedly at that. Putting out his cigarette after one last drag, he takes Billy's hand and gets up from the bed. “Let's go ask Lij if he’s ever fucked in the rain…”

The speed at which Dom bounds into the living room shows Billy that he’s pretty much recovered from the night before now. He stops stock still though, once he gets into the open room, and when Billy catches up, he sees why. He’s admiring the sight of Elijah stood in the open doorway, back to them, smoking as he watches the rain.

“Picture fucking perfect, eh?” Billy observes, coiling an arm about Dom’s body.

“Hell yeah. Oh fuck, yeah.”

Elijah turns at the sound of their voices, and smiles. Then winks. Dom has to stop himself coming on the spot because he’s never seen anything better in his life, and that combined with his anticipation is really doing it for him. Noticing, Billy says, “Don’t worry, Dom – think of Ian and Bernard. That’ll stop you…fucking up.”

“Urgh…urgh! I swear, anything more like that and I’m going to tape you in front of that piece about you and Ian…yeah…remember that? You evil bastard…”

But he pinches Billy’s arse affectionately anyway, before advancing on Elijah.

“So Lij…like the rain, do you?”

Elijah smiles, looking at Dom's naked body. “It's very...tasty,” he says cheekily, and grins.

Dom comes to stand right in front of him and looks deep into his eyes. A thousand lines run through his head, starting with, 'Fancy a shag?', which he immediately dismisses as fucking atrocious, and so, instead of saying anything, he leans in and kisses Elijah deeply. Elijah's eyes fall closed and he responds, wrapping his arms around Dom's neck, cigarette hanging between his fingers. When Dom pulls away, Elijah is somewhat surprised to see that Billy's still standing where he was, just watching the two of them.

“Come on,” Dom says lowly, taking Elijah's hand. When he gives it a tug, trying to pull Elijah out with him, Elijah resists.

“What are you doing? Where are you going?” he asks, confused.

“Just out,” Dom says softly.

“But we're naked,” Elijah says.

“Eh, it's not like anyone's going to see us, right Billy?”

Elijah looks hesitantly at Billy, who, smiling, conspiratorially, nods in affirmation. Finally, Elijah lets Dom pull him outside.

It's raining hard, the water cool on Elijah's skin. He tilts his head up, trying to catch some of the rain with his mouth. Dom laughs and kisses him.

Dom’s nice, gentle, calm…until Elijah finds himself thrown, face up against a smooth concrete wall, rain pouring onto his naked back until Dom covers it. The heat of his chest is shocking, and Elijah is certain Dom’s heart’s beating so strong he can feel it.

“You,” Dom’s unexpectedly harsh voice cuts above the noise of the rain, “are going to be fucked into the middle of next week now. Payback time…”

And this, of course, is what Dom’s been hoping for all along, what he’s wanted to feel under his body was this Elijah, quivering, panicking, scared but – he sneaks a hand round, brushes Elijah’s cock, checks – definitely turned on by him. Billy lights a cigarette, and leans back against the wet building, close enough to hear Dom’s words, waiting for the show to begin.

Dom's never done this before, but what he learned yesterday is that it's never going to work *completely* without preparation, no matter how much he wishes it would. Trailing his hands down Elijah's wet back he lets his palms rest on Elijah's buttocks, hesitating – but then he comes to the conclusion that if he can't bring himself to use his fingers there, he's definitely not going to do so with his cock, and he gently presses one wet finger just a bit inside.

Elijah gasps at the weirdness of it all, tensing up. He thinks of the way he did this to Dom yesterday, hangs onto that image, and forces his body to relax. Dom grunts something unintelligent and wriggles his finger. Elijah shudders.

It doesn't take Dom long to realise he's actually enjoying this very much. Elijah whimpers and gasps when he moves his fingers, then adds another, stretching gently. Groaning, Elijah bucks against him.

As if waking from a dream, Dom jerks and pulls his fingers away. He didn't mean to be all gentle and loving. Wrong plan. This is supposed to be revenge, right? Wrapping an arm around Elijah's chest, he positions himself, and pushes in, not even thinking about it until…Christ…this is fucking tight... Crying out, Elijah grits his teeth, face crunched up in obvious discomfort.

For a moment, Dom believes he can't take this, at all, and, fuck, this is just too good to be true, the pressure and the heat. His mind whirls and his body shudders, insistent heat climbing up his spine.

“F-fuck,” he mumbles unevenly, and what did Billy say? About Ian and Bernard? He clings to that thought, letting it pull him away from the very edge.

Once he's fully inside Elijah, he stays still for a moment, not knowing if he does it to give Elijah time to get used to the sensation or to calm down a little himself. He breaths hot air on Elijah's damp neck and whispers in his ear, “If I'd known fucking you would be this good, I would've done this to you the day I met you.”

Billy is somewhat taken aback by how much he’s enjoying watching this. It was good yesterday, seeing Dom…today was great…but this is something else. Dom looks so different there, playing like he’s in control, and…oh god…taking Elijah’s arms and pressing them against the wall, pinning him there and beginning to move against Elijah. He can’t tell if Elijah’s moving or whether it’s just the sheer force of the thrust of Dom’s hips now, as Dom gains confidence, as Elijah “Ah…”s with every movement, but it looks incredible whatever. There’s no way two men doing this should be this sexy. But then, these aren’t any two men. This is Dom and Elijah. Against a wall. In a downpour, perfectly lit by the glow of a clear, dusky evening.

Thus Billy thinks it’s perfectly okay to, whilst smoking with the other hand, jerk himself off to this sight.

“Oh my God,” Elijah moans, because this is way better than he even dared to dream. He's not sure what, exactly, he was expecting, but he's sure this beats it. Now that he's past the discomfort, he finds himself enjoying the sensations immensely. Dom fills him up nicely, fucking *perfectly*, and every time he brushes against somewhere, something inside him Elijah had no idea was there before, he sees stars and his knees almost give out. He's sure he'd fall down if it wasn't for Dom's steady form behind him holding him upright.

Dom's hips are moving faster now, and he's starting to be very close. Not even feeling the rain pouring down on them anymore, he's overwhelmed by this incredible pleasure that builds inside him, drawing his body tight. Elijah almost sobs with the intensity of it, and Dom would be worried about hurting him if he wasn't experiencing the same kind of gut-wrenching pleasure that he knows causes those noises.

Dom glances fleetingly at Billy, pleased to see he's enjoying himself, before grabbing hold of Elijah's rock hard cock with one surprisingly steady hand and pulling him off in time with his movements. Elijah shakes, suddenly, and something warm moves over Dom’s hand. But Elijah didn’t come, and Dom is momentarily confused, almost put off when hands meet behind his back and pull him hard into Elijah. He only just registers that Billy is ohmylifefuckinghell kneeling between Elijah and the wall and licking around the tip of Elijah’s cock and over Dom’s fingers and…that’sfuckingit…

Billy squeezes Dom against Elijah one final time, and Dom yells out, primal, squalling yell, as he comes so hard into Elijah that he can’t even remember what he’s doing, where he is, what rain feels like, or even what his own name is.

Elijah’s reaction to this is pretty much the same thing, except he’s fucking Billy’s mouth instead, and, for the final time that night, he releases, comes, and doesn’t even make a sound any more, just sighs.

Swallowing hungrily, Billy decides that he could definitely live off a regular diet of this stuff. Tongue running over his lips, he rolls out from under Elijah, and looks up at them, drinking in the vision of Dom laying over Elijah, resting soft inside him, Elijah’s head and arms flat against the wall, and the rain falling heavily on the pair of them, plastering their hair flat against their skin and washing the sweat from them as it forms. Fucking unbelievable, he thinks.

Elijah's knees truly give out now. Dom grabs him, his arms surprisingly strong and steady and sure, and lowers him down where Billy accepts him in his arms. Elijah, still shaking like a leaf, burrows closer to him, nuzzling his neck. Billy doesn't think Elijah has any idea what's going on around him. Just as well, he decides, and thrusts his hips up against Elijah's limp form, rubbing himself against him, taking that one bit of friction he needs to get himself off. With a soft groan, he comes for one final time, and relaxes onto the ground.

“Whoa,” Dom says unsteadily and falls unceremoniously to his knees. “That was hot.”

“Thank you, Mr. Obvious,” Billy comments dryly and wraps an arm properly around Elijah. “I think you killed him.”

“Good. We're even, then,” Dom says, and shakes Elijah a little, hoping to get a reaction out of him. All Elijah does is make a protesting sound and bury his nose more determinedly into Billy's neck.

“Five times, eh?” Billy says softly. “That's not bad at all.”

Dom wonders if he'll have to carry Elijah inside. “Yeah, it's not bad,” he says distractedly, pulling Elijah into his own arms. Elijah is completely limp, and Dom finds this amusing.

“Need help with him?” Billy asks, sitting up slowly.

“Nah, I'm good,” Dom says, but when he stands up, he seems highly unsteady. Nevertheless, he picks Elijah up, clumsily, ignoring the faint protests. “Bet we could've reached at least seven, if we'd really tried, though,” he says thoughtfully, and carries Elijah back inside.

Billy slips in behind them and closes the door. Holding back a snicker, he says, “Well, we'll have to try again some time.”

Dom heads for the living room and calls over his shoulder, “Yeah, or maybe next time we can play 'How many times can *Billy* come in one day'!”

And that, Billy thinks to himself, would definitely be a fun game to play. But, they’d have to stock up on cigarettes…

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