The Self Porn Series

This series has two authors, Tuuli and Abbi. We started out by accident and ended up having a *lot* of fun.

This, obviously, has never happened. While we sometimes may pretend we know something, or we are someone, it's all a big game. The thing is, we do not know Elijah, Billy or Dom, we are in no way connected to them. Except that we're their fans. Yeah.

Since we operate quite a lot on LiveJournal, we somehow ended up with a whole community with this fic. It's simply called self_porn.

Authors: Tuuli and Abbi
Pairing: Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood/Billy Boyd
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sex, slash, and cigarettes, to put it shortly.
Category: Smut, most of the time

Doing It In Style 1/1

The One With The Cucumber 1/2

The One With The Cucumber 2/2

Catching Each Other Out 1/2

Catching Each Other Out 2/2

Muse 1/1

In the Name of Education 1/1

In the same verse, but not strictly a part of the series:

Aesthetically Pleasing 1/1
WARNING for self-harm.

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