Mark I from left to right Ollila, Nordman, Korkiakangas Mark II from left to right Korkiakangas, Reiman, Ollila Mark III from left to right Mäkinen, Reiman, Korkiakangas
Mark I Mark II Mark III
Tomi Ollila, Toni Nordman & Tomi Korkiakangas Tomi Korkiakangas, Reima Riipinen & Tomi Ollila Osmo Mäkinen, Reima Riipinen & Tomi Korkiakangas

The early predecessors of ENERCHY were formed in the early 1990s, when the guitar-tormenting and piercingly-screaming Tomi Korkiakangas assummoned metal warriors for his first group. In the following years the band members changed and so did the band's name.
In January 2000 ENERCHY was spawn. The name was combined from the words Energy and Anarchy - both of which are ever-present in their music and lyrics. Tomi Ollila was recruited as the maestro of the four-string. Toni Nordman was the drummer.
Already in April 2000 ENERCHY recorded a studio demo "Triune" in Turku at the Riverside Studios. During the summer they completed a music video for their gut-punching song "No Guarantee". This video was aired dozens of times by Moon TV, a Finnish cable channel. Later that summer they recorded an excellent demo "Zoom the Loom". In 2001-2002 the band recorded their 3-song-single "Johanna". It received a warm welcome all over the world.
In 2003 Toni Nordman decided to pursue other interests. Many drummers tried to fill his shoes, but were not up to the challenge. Finally Toni's brother, Janne Nordman came for a year-long stint in the band. They recorded a 12-track album "Big Bad Buddha" until Janne had to quit in order to do his military service.
In 2005 the band changed its training headquarters and a new skin-bashing devil emerged. Reima Riipinen brought even more intensity and vitality into ENERCHY. In May 2006 a brand new single "Daydreams" was recorded.
The year 2008 has so far been very kind to ENERCHY. Throughout the spring there has been an abundance of gigs and though Tomi Ollila had to leave the band, our band new bass god, Osmo Mäkinen has already proved himself more than worthy. His singing ability and mastering of the low frequencies has made him a truly skilled and highly trusted member. You can hear his excellent work in the three first tracks on “Nightmares”.
Perhaps the essence of the band's music is best captured by its name, ENERCHY - electric, live, loud and raw sound, yet crystal-clear, emotional and creative melodies.
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