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"The Spirits Of The New Age"


01. Olga lyrics
02. If you wanna get in lyrics
03. Stay lyrics

Recorded and mixed  at Noname studios
7th May 2006 in Turku, Finland.
  • Tomi Korkiakangas - Guitars and Vocals
  • Tomi Ollila - Bass
  • Reima Riipinen - Drums

  • Cover art by Tomi Ollila


    Times are hard when I got no friends and I am all alone
    I get so sad because of that Im losing my control
    I dont peg for mercy no I am not that kind
    If I had chance to meet her Everything would be fine
    Yeah Yeah Yeah !

    Some Years ago three or so I met her online
    We started to chat this and that and we seemed to be doing fine
    We liked the same music we loved the same bands
    For me it was like lovely lovely lovely romance

    But then popped up to my head that little thread of sense
    Followed by frustration the doubt and the quilt
    Russian girl who lives in different world does she feel the way I do
    I sent her invitation but she never came

    Baby I met you in ICQ
    Im glad that you find me there
    We changed our numbers and we called sometimes
    babe I really cared

    But I dont peg for mercy no I am not that kind
    If I had chance to meet you My dreams have come true
    Yeah Yeah Yeah !

    I really want to meet you / Even if it takes sometime
    Im waiting you here /And the time moves on
    Im glad you found the job / Save some money for the trip
    So dont forget me / Oh no no no no no no !


    If you wanna get in do you find your way out
    I am not asking heavens
    If I show you the door don’t you peg for one more
    cause I don’t have the Patience

    Sometimes It ain’t so easy to get the crowd out of my sight
    I pray and wait time for relief to get myself Some peace of mind

    Well now that I’m in gonna find me a friend
    It ain’t too Late for loving
    First thing I need is to get me some drinks
    to make me brave & willing

    Sometimes it’s so easy to pick the girls out of The crowd
    Oh those lovely creatures always make Me scream and shout

    It’s getting late and I don’t want to wait for the Closing signal
    I go straight to the point to get her out of this joint
    This is my Final

    Would you dare to come to my place I have some wine we could use
    We could make ourselves happy while listening some southern blues
    Get Out !!!!
    Right Now !!!!


    Walking alone on the streets of this town I can’t get this sound out of my head
    It’s starting to rain and I just missed the cab and the sound of conscience still rings in my soul

    Under the umbrella A young couple walks They seem happy
    I’m watching as they walk and thinking I wish I had stayed with you but I knew I’d fly

    This Ain’t the first time that I’ve made mistakes leaving you alone is the biggest I ever made
    Headstrong as I always have been makes me sometimes do these crimes of love

    Hitting the road again makes me feel weak
    [Showing my emotions freely has always been tough case for me do you see ]
    My self-assurance hasn’t got the best of me Do you agree, I maybe, sensitive

    Maybe I should just give up this time and see how it will go
    I say to the driver to drive me to your place I hope I’m still welcome

    It’s always better to think precious valuable things in peace
    than later cry for reprieve on your knees “oh baby please, don’t you see, how I reel”

    This time baby it’ll better work Ain’t no turning back we better learn
    You’re always been in my heart and you’ll never leave for sure no
    This time baby I’m gonna stay

    Oh please girl could you give me one more chance !
    I will prove that I’m the right guy for romance
    You’re always been in my heart and you’ll never leave for sure no
    This time baby I’m gonna stay