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JOHANNA (2002)

01. The Only Truth lyrics
02. Go For The Dawn lyrics
03. Song For Johanna lyrics

Recorded and mixed  in Musamuusa studios between
July 2001 and May 2002. Released October 2002.
  • Tomi Korkiakangas - Guitars and Vocals
  • Tomi Ollila - Bass
  • Toni Nordman - Drums

  • Cover art by Jaana Jänkälä


    I have risen from raging waters, Born to love and and born to live here

    Maybe some people won’t believe, where I’ve been and what I’ve seen

    My faith is gone now for mankind, Maybe I was too blue-eyed

    Tomorrow people only today wants to gain, The Only Truth’s that
    You’re fucking insane

    When you’re feeling depressed and down, Get the automatic pistol and blow your brains out

    Do you feel there’s no room to share for those people who truly cares

    In this cold cold world we must learn to survive, From this social self destructioned burn-out

    If you want to go their way, I tell you my friend you’re
    So fucking insane

    I have always kept my head up high, Never even think of commiting a suicide

    Very many people does it for love, And when the love dies the just don’t know who they are

    If you think that suicide is the only way out, Listen this advice i tell you what’s all about

    No matter what comes in my way, The only truth’s that you’re fucking insane

    Why? * 7
    The only truth for me, the only truth for me, the only truth for me

    The only truth‘s that you’re fucking insane


    I rememeber how we used to laugh
    We had our own world and we never looked back

    Lots of good memories are stucked in my mind
    They are with me every time

    Ooh, Ooh, too hard ways so you decided to go for the dawn
    Go for the dawn, yeah!

    I keep on going like I’ve always done
    You’re somewhere safer looking down

    Where are you then when I need you here
    Feels so alone now you ain’t near

    Ooh, Ooh, It cuts me inside but you had your mind to go for the dawn
    Go for the dawn, yeah

    Easier to please than make yourself understood
    Life ain’t here like in Hollywood
    Stars in Spotlights makes me sick
    They don’t know how real life can kick

    God have mercy on my soul
    Sometimes I don’t know what’s going on
    I wish that you would still be here
    I miss you so much baby you were something else

    Like a fire burns desire in my soul
    I need reason for this treason I feel in my heart
    Like a liar I deliver us from pain
    ‘cause there’s a reason change the season if you must, must, must, must ....


    Maybe there’s no one to blame God only knows
    Maybe this was meant to be time will show

    Golden memories are all I have from you
    Loving memories what we used to do

    There’s Million ways to hate
    And Million Ways to love

    Million ways to love

    Baby Love was your life and life it ain’t easy
    We had bad times but we understood each other

    I should have foresee what was going on
    You needed to get hell out of here

    There’s Million ways to take
    And Million Ways to give

    Million Ways to give

    I said many things, I wish I had not said

    I did bad things, I now regret

    But There’s a destiny, We write our own history

    I feel so sorry, Your cry for help didn’t reach me

    There’s a million reasons to stay
    Million reasons to leave

    Mllion reasons to leave

    Today is your nameday and this is your song
    It hurts me so bad now that you’re gone

    This longing in my heart will last forever
    Oh god we should have stayed together

    There’s Million ways to hate
    And Million Ways to love

    Million Ways to love