09 JAN 2009

Dear Enerchists ! Just tune on your receiver 91,5 MHz ! Tomi is hosting a special Enerchy show at Radio Robin Hood tomorrow morning at 8:50 am. If you cannot listen it then you can hear the program again on Saturday 15:00 pm and on Tuesday 13th January 13:30 pm.

31 Oct 2007

Some new reviews from "Big Bad Buddha" records added.

07 Aug 2007

Setlist from Salo`s gig 18.07, and Turku, Rokkibaari 14.07 added.
Pictures in rokkibaari gig added enerchy online.

18 Juli 2007

New links added !!
Tonight Enerchy play live Salo, ravintola Night.

31 May 2007

New links added !!

17 April 2007

Enerchy fanatics! Don't miss this!Do you still remember the radio show on Radio Rodin Hood which was mentioned earlier? It includes numerous songs from Enerchy's two latest releases and a short interview sections with Tomi Korkiakangas and Reima Riipinen.
The program will be broadcast under the curious title "Iskelmien aarreaitta" on three occasions: on 4th, 5th and 8th of May 2007. On 4th of May the one hour show is audible in the morning from 8.50 to 9.50, on 5th in the afternoon from 15.00-16.00 and on 8th 13.30-14.30. So stay tuned to Radio Robin Hood 91,5 MHz!

14 April 2007

On 15th of April Enerchy is going to Noisecamp Studios. The band will record a brand new song "Who Killed Laura Palmer?"

09 April 2007

New pictures from Maksin 30.03.07 added Enerchy online. Some very old pictures add.

23 March 2007

New reviews added single daydreams.

22 March 2007

Enerchy plays a gig at Salo a place called Maksim on friday 30.3.2007. The show will be filmed.

Enerchy plays a gig at Turku a place called Rokkibaari on saturday 14.7.2007.

22 March 2007

20.3.2007 Tomi Korkiakangas and Reima Riipinen were interviewed on Radio Robin Hood for a local music program. They were asked questions about Enerchy's new album Big Bad Buddha and their latest EP Daydreams.

The show lasts for an hour and is accompanied by several tracks from these above mentioned releases. The interview is in Finnish, but about 45 minutes of the show consists of playing the songs, so check it out if you don't speak Finnish!

The program is broadcast on three occasions on the 4th, 5th and 8th of May on Radio Robin Hood (91,5 MhZ). So stay tuned! Exact times will be given later.

23 Feb 2007

The Pages have now a new appearance as you can see. New Enerchy cd called Big Bad Buddha is now released.
It includes 12 new songs. One Is Bob Marley cover. Check out also their single Daydreams.

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