13 Oct 2006

09 Sep 2006

gig at Rokkibaari, Turku, Finland. Other band called , tickets 3/2 €

16 May 2006

New promo pictures added

7 May 2006

recording 3 new songs in "No Name" studios Turku, Finland.
Songs are
-If You Wanna Get In

3 Mar 2006

Pictures from rokkibaari added

27 Jan 2006

18.02.2006 gig at Rokkibaari, Turku, Finland.

22 Dec 2005

Now you can buy Enerchy songs online

2 Dec 2005

16.12.2005 gig at bar Pelimies, Turku, Finland. Other band called Shelterdogs, tickets 2 €

21 Dec 2005

Some new pictures added

22 Nov 2005

Check out new ENERCHY reviews Soundclick.com

24 Sep 2005

New promo pictures added

30 Aug 2005

Enerhcy is rehealsing very hard, and right now we have about 10 song rehealsing with new drummer

23 Jul 2005

Enercy have new drummer Reima Riipinen

24 Feb 2005

New reviews added Soundclick.com page

17 Feb 2005

Enerchy is recording new demo at the moment

15 Oct 2004

New link added

13 Oct 2004

Couple pictures added

07 Oct 2004

Biography translated in Russia added

06 Oct 2004

New pictures & live clip added. Enerchy is currently in a process with new material (12 songs)

30 Sep 2004

The Pages have a new appearance as you see
Enerchy is looking for a new drummer, who can play rock and roll music with feeling. Listen our music and if you like what you hear please take contact.

02 Oct 2002

Enerchy is back with new studio cd. Sorry for the long delay. It's been busy time for all of us. We've been recording and mixing our music at Musamuusa studios here in Turku and rehearsing new songs and now ready for the gigs. Check out the discography section for more details about our great brand new cd. Remember to order it from us :) We try now more often update this webpage.

15 Nov 2000

Page updated, pictures sizes removed,lyrics added, more links

25 Sep 2000

Page updated, lyrics and pictures added

04 Sep 2000

Music video No Guarantee finally ready!

15 Aug 2000

Four track demo  "Zoom The Loom" saw it's day. What a sound!
You couldn't believe  your bloody ears!

29 Jun 2000

Studio demo "Triune" and the artworks for it finally completed

27 May 2000

Shooting the video for the song No Guarantee began

05 May 2000

Studio demo "Triune" was mixed in Riverside studios in Turku

21 April 2000

Studio demo "Triune" was recorded at Riverside studios in Turku

January 2000

Band changed it's name from Swin to Enerchy when new guy
Toni Nordman came to bang hell out of his drumkits.Biography translated in Russia added