Track Listing:

Overture - Universe's End - Back to the Womb - Your God - Messages - Looking for Keith - The Ultimate Decision - A Different White - The Usual Black - In the Forest - In the Valley - Nothing - Everything

Everything (10:42)

(Composition & lyrics: Ville)

Matti: lead vocals
Marko: acoustic & electric guitars, drums
Ville: fretted bass, keyboards, backing vocals

  • The longest track of the album, by Trusties standards this is a real epic.
  • Consists of four parts, where I & III, and II and IV are closely related, although their arrangements are completely different.
  • The story line in the lyrics is told from three points of view. To underline this the lyrics were written in the form of an email discussion with different levels of quotation marks for different 'characters'.
  • The interplay between the bass and the guitar-riff in the part II verse, has similarities with the interplay in the verses of Universe's End.
  • The main riff of part I was created by Marko over a practically finished song made by Ville. The line between composing and arranging is often very thin.

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