Track Listing:

Overture - Universe's End - Back to the Womb - Your God - Messages - Looking for Keith - The Ultimate Decision - A Different White - The Usual Black - In the Forest - In the Valley - Nothing - Everything

Messages (3:44)

(Composition: Marko, lyrics: Matti & Marko)

Matti: lead vocals
Marko: electric & acoustic guitars, drums
Ville: fretless bass, keyboards

  • Pastoral and beatiful slower song with a solo section that is lots of fun to perform live.
  • Frustrated but concentrated story about isolation & desolation. Windmills and all on my mind.
  • The acoustic guitar part is arranged to "have as many simultaneous notes ringing at the same time as possible".
  • Different guitars seem to come from the factory with different songs built inside them. This song came out of a nice Martin acoustic Marko once tried.

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