Track Listing:

Overture - Universe's End - Back to the Womb - Your God - Messages - Looking for Keith - The Ultimate Decision - A Different White - The Usual Black - In the Forest - In the Valley - Nothing - Everything

In the Valley (5:00)

(composition: Matti, Marko & Ville, lyrics: Matti)

Matti: lead vocals, percussion
Marko: acoustic guitars, percussion, backing vocals
Ville: fretted bass, keyboards, backing vocals

  • Matti came up with the melody lines and lyrics for the complete song (no chords, just solo vocals). The lyrics were inspired by a poem written in Finnish by Aimo Vetelšinen. Marko composed the chord structure and the song was first recorded in 1992? (This version had no bass). Somewhere around 1996? Ville came up with the idea of changing the time signature to 5/4. Also the middle section was re-composed. We played this one a lot on live gigs and eventually the arrangement turned into what it is now. The lyrics and backing vocal parts were revised for the new recording.
  • The pizzicato-like sounds in the middle section were created with a nylon-string acoustic guitar.
  • The strange sound that begins the song is a reversed djembe hit with a long reverb.
  • the bass line was developed from a single pattern by altering the time spent playing each note of the pattern.

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