Track Listing:

Overture - Universe's End - Back to the Womb - Your God - Messages - Looking for Keith - The Ultimate Decision - A Different White - The Usual Black - In the Forest - In the Valley - Nothing - Everything

Back to the Womb (2:43)

(Composition: Ville & Marko, lyrics: Matti)

Matti: lead vocals, percussion
Marko: electric & acoustic guitars, backing vocals, percussion
Ville: fretted bass, backing vocals

  • Mean and agressive song, one of the first written specifically for this album
  • Featuring garage-rock attitude, latin rhythms & distorted acoustic guitars
  • The main drum parts were originally performed with a percussion & cymbals kit. The snare & bass drum are actually samples triggered by other percussion instruments. If you listen carefully, you can hear the cowbell that triggers the snare sound.
  • The acoustic guitars were the first things recorded for the album. The semi-distorted sound is a combination of the real acoustic guitar sound and the acoustic guitars pickup wired through an electric guitar rig.
  • Some ultra-high backing vocals were recorded for the chorus, but they were left out in the final mix
  • Matti is credited alone for the lyrics, although Ville came up with the title. Also a couple of lines were co-written by all three guys in a motel room in Pietarsaari.

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