I, meteor


For centuries there has been an important question puzzling mankind: "what it feels to be a meteor?" Of course most of those who thought about that were quite simple beings who forgot the question soon and began to do something more important stuff. But for those who lay awake at nights, wondering how does it feel to rush through clouds just to smash down to destroy something big, there is now an answer. The answer is a game called "I, meteor".

(Okay, that sounded just plain silly. It's really a simple game were the player guides a meteor down to cause as much destruction as possible. Ten levels, saved highscore and 3d gfx. Enjoy.)


  • 3d gfx (MiniGL/Warp3D)
  • 16bit sfx (AHI)
  • Joystick support
  • Mindless orgastic destruction
  • Different camera angles
  • 10 locations to destroy buildings
  • Automagically saved highscore
  • Option to turn vsync off (more speed)


Same that for example d3GNOP has.

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Yep, that's you, the big grey rock of destruction. Travelling through space, just to smash some buildings.
Oh the humanity! (Don't worry, those houses were empty.) Going dooooooooooooooooooown!
Note that artistic camera work. Mindless destruction! Explosions! And all of course in realtime 3D!

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